A first time mama: Navigating parenthood.

Meet Syaz and her family.

Parenthood, it's never the same for every parent or child for the matter. In this series, we pick at the brain of the editor of @SassyMamaSG as she walks us through the highs of parenting.

Testing, testing... hello baby boo if you can hear, this is mama speaking.

When you've newly started a family, it constantly feels like there's so many curveballs thrown at you no matter how much you've heard or read. While it means a lot of firefighting and improvisation, Syaz cannot stress how precious each moment is. 

Q: Let's kickstart this with a general one. What is the best part about being a mom?

A: Seeing your child grow and having their own personality. Inaya recently learned how to smile and give flying kisses so it's really precious!


Q: Let's talk about you. We trust that your lifestyle undergone a 180 degree change. Tell us what an ideal day now looks like.

A: My ideal day now looks like this: Sleeping in till 9am with my little one (yup that's considered a late wake up call in our house!), having a morning stretch and cup of matcha, cooking lunch in half an hour or less, then spending our late afternoon at the beach. And easy, protest-free nap times in between! 

It really is about the simple things and it's amazing how much joy and respite we take in these moments!

Q: What is a curveball you least expected?

A: The thought process that goes behind every single decision for the child and the household. Most people don't realise how mentally draining it can be to manage a family! From planning everyone's meals to groceries to essentials.

Q: Before we wrap it up, could you share a tip for all mamas out there?

A: Trust your gut! But if you're really unsure, get an opinion from someone you really trust. There's no right or wrong way to parent, so do what works for your family.

Our takeaways from the sharing:

It is really important to find the little joys and constantly remind yourself that it is a journey. There will be ups and downs along the way, but it is important to find joy in the small things because parenting is a full-time job. It is constant nurturing and attention.

For Syaz, it is making little routines like dedicating time after work to play and read with little Inaya in her room. Inaya loves spotting cats in every book she has so they duo made a little game of it every time they go through it!

Hey mamas out there, what is your routine?

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